“The Ring of Beasts” to screen at the South African Independent Film Festival

Kingdom Kome’s inaugural production, “The Ring of Beasts”, is set to debut at the South African Independent film festival which runs from the 24th-30th November 2021. Although an international audience have already got to see this fantasy/action feast for the eyes, this will be its first showing in South Africa the perfect chance for a South African audience to view the film.

The Ring of Beasts is the first official release of entertainment company Kingdom Kome, the premiere production company responsible for its financing, development, production, post-production and distribution. Founded in 2020 by South African actor, writer, director and producer Cameron Scott and international cricketer Kagiso Rabada, Kingdom Kome was envisioned as a fresh and exciting new way of producing professional, premiere content for the entertainment industry globally, proudly originating from Southern Africa, with the goal of bringing great stories to the world.

“The exciting thing is that “The Ring of Beasts” forms part of a much bigger universe that I’m calling the Ad Regnum Universe, this story is simply a taste of what’s to come in a dystopian world that isn’t too far off from our own reality but still feels out of this world.”

Cameron Scott, co-founder of Kingdom Kome

The film, which stars Hungani Ndlovu and industry veteran Jonathan Pienaar, was filmed and funded in South Africa in 2020. It tells the story of twin brothers Remus (Ndlovu) and Romulus (Cameron Scott) who, after being separated and sold into slavery, are made to fight for their lives as they earn power and wealth for their aristocratic owners.

The SA Indie Film fest is the biggest independent film festival in South Africa and features events across all of SA’s major cities. The festival debuted in 2018, the brainchild of Ryan Kruger, a respected, passionate and award-winning  British/South African music video and short film director and actor. Kruger started the festival along with help from friends in the local film industry, as a way to celebrate the indie approach to film making and showcase a different side to cinema than audiences were used to. Kruger, along with Durban born performing artist Berneen Cereska, serve as the festival directors of the SA Indie Film Fest. 

Source: https://filmfreeway.com/SAINDIEFILMFEST/photos/4193952

Since its inception the festival has showcased and celebrated both local and international short-form cinema; through short films, animation, documentaries, music videos and VR. The SA Indie Film Fest also boasts a prestigious jury comprising some of the most prolific professionals in filmmaking today. The festival has evolved over the years and will now also be presenting a selection of feature-length films and documentaries from around the world that encompass the same independent spirit.

Festival Directors Berneen Cereska and Ryan Kruge. Source: https://filmfreeway.com/SAINDIEFILMFEST/photos/4194028

Although the debut at the festival will be a thrilling first for Kingdom Kome, this will not be the first time showing at the SA Indie Film Fest for “The Ring of Beasts” lead actor, creator and producer Cameron Scott. Scott’s first ever short film “The Relay” was an official selection at the 2020 edition of the festival. Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, “The Relay” is a sci-fi that tells the story of Kal (played by Scott), a young man struggling to come to terms with the tragic loss of his younger brother Emmet (played by Cade Bardenhorst). When an ethereal being, E.L.E.C.T.R.A (played by Michaella Russell) offers him a chance to go back in time and experience the past, it’s an opportunity for Kal to come to terms with his grief and explore just how powerful the bond of love can be.

“We’re working on getting The Relay onto a platform for everyone to see, it’s an example of the results of hard work and Cam has already come a long way since then, but has set the standard of stories that we want to tell. What we’re after is to produce the best work we can and just keep on improving.”

Kagiso Rabada, co-founder

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