The Elements Project’s vision for Life Skills Education

The Elements Project’s vision for Life Skills Education

  • Kagiso Rabada, Bellavista SHARE and Kingdom Kome partner up in collaboration against the mental health pandemic in youth by providing an offering that helps equip educators and students with essential life skills development.
  • Special offer for first 100 licences.
  • CAPS & National Curriculum content aligned.
  • Basic Life Skills Education

What is The Elements Project?

Kingdom co-founder Kagiso Rabada & Cameron Scott release their first Edu-tainment property “The Elements” with Bellavista S.H.A.R.E.

Johannesburg, South AfricaThe Elements is an 8-part video series featuring South African cricketer Kagiso Rabada as the host of its first season. The first season explores the concept of grit and resilience through Rabada’s real life experiences. Every episode is accompanied by national curriculum aligned materials. Built by professional educators, The Elements is designed to equip students with all the tools they need to “#getgritty”.

The lead producer on the Elements projects says “the post covid mental health pandemic is real and scarily prevalent, and the issue we’re facing is the negative impact it’s having on our youth in particular, that’s what we want to help address with this production.”

The Elements is built as a toolkit for both educators and students. Focusing on digitising education, it also provides professional resources for both teachers and students, allowing them to unpack key content and apply it to their own lives.

The Elements brings a new horizon for life skills education says Cameron Scott

“We’re behind on 4IR and it’s time we caught up” host Kagiso Rabada says of the project. “By doing the leg work online, we’re allowing educators to focus more on building supportive interpersonal connections with students. This helps create a safe space for that to happen and allows for the impact we need.”

The inspiration for the GRIT Series came from the belief that resilience, determination, and perseverance are essential qualities for success in any aspect of life. These traits are particularly important for young people as they face increasing challenges in today’s world.

Starting the series with a focus on Grit was the idea of Bellavista SHARE, a leading educational institution in Johannesburg. Bellavista is an institution renowned for innovations in education. The Elements was brought to life by Kingdom Kome, a production company with a passion for creating innovative content that inspires and empowers. The two organisations worked together to bring the idea to fruition, with the help of a team of talented professionals.

The ultimate goal of this season of the Elements is to inspire and motivate young people to develop their own sense of grit. By sharing experiences and lessons from relatable South African personalities, the series aims to show young people that anything is possible with the right mindset and determination.

A relatable host for The Elements Season 1

The Elements official trailer

Kagiso Rabada hosts the first season that includes lessons on the importance of goal-setting, staying determined, overcoming challenges and never giving up on your dreams.

The Elements Season 1 was officially launched at the start of May, 2023. It is already being implemented in several South African schools across the economic spectrum. While the course can be implemented fully online, it also provides for a broad range of accessibility options for environments that may not have access to the internet and electronic devices.

“It is our sincere hope that we are able to get this fantastic product into the hands of as many educators as possible. This vision goes beyond the LSM spectrum as we believe in the fundamental right to education as offered by the South African Constitution.” says Cameron Scott. “We all need grit right now, that’s a fact.”

The best option for any learning environment

The course is aligned to the National and CAPS curriculum modules. It is the perfect offering for schools to implement it within their Life Orientation planning. The first season can be run over an entire school term. Each episode offering four tasks for engagement.

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