Kingdom Kome gets its first approving review for The Ring of Beasts after July 4 limited premiere at LA Shorts.

Kingdom Kome gets its first approving review for The Ring of Beasts after July 4 limited premiere at LA Shorts.

Brümilda van Rensburg as Ringleader ëtchen in Kingdom Kome’s The Ring of Beasts (2021)

Independence Day (July 4th) is a much celebrated and renowned day in the United States. Especially for the film industry, with “July 4 Weekend” traditionally drawing in large audiences to be infront of screens.

Symbolically, the team at Kingdom Kome could not be happier to have their global debut for The Ring of Beasts let alone their company debut, on Independence Day at the LA Shorts Festival online to a limited audience.

“The projects we’re making are meant to be enjoyed and experienced globally, no matter where you are in the world.”

Kagiso Rabada, co-founder, Kingdom Kome

With less than 24hours since its release, The Ring of Beasts (2021) has attracted its first external review from World Film Geek, a movie enthusiast who gave the short film an A rating.

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“It’s a really lovely and humbling experience to see creative work recognized and appreciated by the people that we make it for. It’s got us thinking, and it’s got us smiling.”

Cameron Scott, co-founder, Kingdom Kome

With a whole string of content pouring out from The Ring of Beasts alone, Kingdom is already gearing up for further projects and releases, with two further development projects already mentioned.

“While our little beast does the rounds and keeps growing, we’re adamant to give more and more of the same quality of work in all sorts of genre’s and formats. Nor with everything we do be stictly theatrical either.”

Cameron Scott, co-founder, Kingdom Kome

With local press for The Ring of Beasts lead actor Hungani Ndlovu, already sparked up, it’s going to be exciting to see how the story of Beasts continues to grow.

Stay informed on our pages this week for an exciting announcement regarding more insight into The Ring of Beasts, behind the scenes content and maybe even a giveaway or two.

In the meantime, read the first full review of #TROB here, with a glimpse of the article below:

Ring of Beasts is a great 30-minute short film that melds the Remus and Romulus legend and puts the underground fight ring spin on things. The cast, notably Cameron Scott, Hungani Ndvolu, and Jonathan Pienaar do churn out amazing performances in their roles. One can only hope this gets international exposure in the near future.

WFG Rating: A”

World Film Geek

Meanwhile, the viewership of the official trailer for the short continues to grow.

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