Kingdom Kome Productions

The current home for all of Kingdom’s narrative IP, including the existing Ad Regnum Universe stories, Kingdom Kome Productions embodies all of the values of the Kingdom Group in its elaborate and experienced development of long form film and television narrative projects. The first project of the company was the 2021 multi-award nominated proof of concept: The Ring of Beasts and since, this unit has grown an impressive slate of projects in various stages of development. Including it’s educational collaborative initiative: The Elements project. The project aims to educate students with fundamental life skills in an innovative way. The Elements first season is focused on developing Grit, and is taught by Kingdom co-founder, Kagiso Rabada.

Kingdom Sports

With the mandate of “Turning History into Legend”, this unit holds all unscripted and documentary IP of the Kingdom Group, focusing on sports related content and content initiatives. With access to some of South Africa’s strongest sporting names, Kingdom Sports delivers prestige documentary and non-scripted content. 


Zapcast is the home for homegrown content, originally a place where content creators could come and record content and podcasts they were passionate about for free, the model has since developed to offer small, bespoke content crafting packages to businesses and individuals for services in design, editing, videography, social media management and live-streaming. Need a little extra “zap” in your social media content? This is the place.


OC House

The OC House is the go-to service production company for all projects in the Kingdom Group, with an experienced and dedicated team focused on optimizing film production workflow, budgeting and meticulous execution to deliver “Unstoppable Stories” with “Immovable Quality”, the company’s in house cost-effective model services it’s first full feature this year with Dinner to Die For, a dark comedy set to thrill, titillate and get giggles from it’s audience.